Jaedon's 1st day of preschool

So, today was Jaedon's 1st day of preschool at Ranch Creek Elementary!! He has been so excited to start school and had been on a wait list for a couple of months, and last week we finally got the phone call that he would start Oct. 2nd!!! Everyday he would walk out the front door and tell the kids waiting at the school bus that he too would be going to school...and today was that day. 
I walked him to Miss Katie's class and gave hugs and kisses to my growing up little boy. I got in the car... and cried. It is so hard for me to think that only 4 years ago I was giving birth to my first precious child, and today I was watching him detach a little more from me. Time just goes by way too fast!! He only goes two days a week from 8:30-11:30, so it's not full day yet. When I picked him up, he was playing on the playground with other children and had such a big smile on his face. He said he had such a great time at school and LOVES his new teacher, Miss Katie. I took him to Chik-fil-A and he wanted to roll his window down and tell the lady on the speaker that today was his first day of preschool!!! I am so proud of my little man :) 


Sara Kay said...

How fun! I miss you guys!

Megan Hardre said...

Awww, I love his little precious comments he makes. :) They really are priceless. I bet the lady at Chick-fil-a loved him too! :)

Rebekah said...

Aww! How cute is that?! Hey - love the new look on your blog! I've missed seeing you guys!