Coldplay and Wine to celebrate Nick's 31st!!

Friday night we sent the kids to spend the weekend with Grandma and Granddaddy so we could have a full weekend of activities to celebrate Nick's 31st birthday. We started off by going to dinner at the Hacienda in Denver with our closest friends, Robby and Joanna Kurtz. 

After a yummy dinner, we headed up to the Pepsi Center to go to the Coldplay concert. If you know Nick, this is not exactly what he wanted to do being that he is not a huge Coldplay fan, but he did it because he knew I would LOVE it (what a great guy)!!!!! We had such a great time and the concert was, well to say the least...AMAZING!! I think even Nick might join the Coldplay revolution! After the concert, we went to a restaurant and did not get home until 2:30 in the morning! It took me lots of coffee to get everything prepared for Nick's wine party the next day!!

Here we are at the concert.
Then on Saturday, we had some of our closest friends and family over for a night of wine, food and games!!

Nick, Byron, and Steve...

31 candles is a lot of fire!!!

Darren, Stephen, Dave, and Curt

David and Heidi

Happy 31st Birthday Nick!!! I LOVE YOU :)


Sara Kay said...

Where do you know David and Heidi from? We've known them a long time - from when we all went to Woodmen Valley Chapel together.

Megan Hardre said...

Fun! Fun!! :)

Joanna said...

We had so much fun! :) So sorry we couldn't make the party. Happy Birthday Nick! :)

Holly S. Wall said...

Sara, I met David a long time ago when I went through Cleansing streams. Then Nick met him a while later when he went through Cleansing streams. After months of Nick being in this group, the connection was made that David knew me. Then we met Heidi and we have all been very close friends ever since.