Jaedon's 4th Birthday

It is so hard to imagine that 4 years ago, I was holding my first little baby boy, Jaedon Isaiah Wall. He came into this world after 10 and a half hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing!!! He was born 8-2-2004 at 7:57 am weighing in at 6 lbs. 12 oz 19 inches long. He has changed so much and is such a little man now and will be starting preschool this fall. 
So to celebrate his 4th birthday, we had friends and family over for a little "Spiderman" celebration. Here are some photos from the day. It is a Wall family tradition to wake the birthday person with a donut and a candle early in the morning and sing "Happy Birthday" to them. Then they get to open their gifts from us and do whatever they want the rest of the day. Jaedon was thrilled to eat a very sugary donut and watch cartoons for a long time :) 

We had some pinata fun!!!
And ate lots of more sugary cake :)
So, happy 4th birthday my precious son. I love you to the depths of my heart. You are so very special to me...Thank you for making me a mommy!! 


Joanna said...

Adorable...love the pics! I'm so sad we had to leave before the cake and it wasn't even labor!!! Thanks for having us - we had so much fun!