Monday, Monday

So, here it is again...Monday!!! Here is a little of what we did...

  • Picked up my new iPhone on Saturday morning. I have been so excited to get this, but after we got home Saturday night, I spent HOURS on the computer trying to load everything and was very frustrated. Maybe I am just not "tech savvy." Finally got everything up and running for the phone and I LOVE IT! It does so many things! I loaded this app called restaurant nutrition and it will tell me the nutritional value of the foods I order when dining out!! So cool. I also loaded Pandora, a pedometer, just to name a few! This is just so fun and Jaedon LOVES watching YouTube (especially the baby laughing)!!
  • Saturday we took the boys up to The Aquarium in Denver and had a blast!! Then hit Park Meadows Mall on the way home to get the boys some clothes from Gap since they closed the Gap Kids store in the Chapel Hills Mall a long time ago :( Good time with the family!
  • Yesterday was a very hard and sad day for me. My dad has a buyer for my mother's house, so I went there yesterday with my sister and dad to go through the remaining items of my moms. Nick and the boys came for a little bit to help too. It was such a difficult time for me, but am feeling like maybe this will help some in the healing process too. On the way home, Heather and I saw the most beautiful rainbow. It was the brightest rainbow that I have ever seen. My Mom used to tell me, "You have to weather the storm to see the rainbow," and we both felt so at peace when we saw it. It was also a reminder that God will always take care of me. When I got home, I felt so emotionally empty and drained and just wanted to take a quiet drive, so I went to Borders and picked up this book that was highly recommended by my cousin called Motherless Daughters. 
  • Well, that was it. I hope everyone has a beautiful day and a great week.


Rebekah said...

Yay! For the new phone - I'll have to check it out. I'm so sorry about your Mom. Thanks for sharing. Love you!