Tornado Scare

So, I just have to say that I have NEVER seen a tornado and last night we went to Nick's parents house in Calhan to celebrate his Mom's birthday when I had my first tornado scare. Well, we were hanging out when all of a sudden a very loud siren went off and let's just say, I panicked!!! I ran downstairs with the kids and hid in a doorway with my tail between my legs :) Nick's whole family was upstairs looking at the clouds swirling above our heads...I am just not that brave! Luckily after two different times of sirens, the tornado dissipated. Then when we got home, the storm at 3 am in the morning was a little scary too. Needless to say I am feeling a little bit like a coward this morning and only got 4 hours of sleep after laying in bed wide eyed from all the loud thunder and lightning!!! I don't remember ever being scared of storms when I was little!! Why am I such a big chicken now??? Oh well, I will never live in Calhan :)